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The Fog of


The TGA Project has turned a corner. We still have a long journey ahead, but at least we can see the road. The fog has begun to dissipate. Before, we couldn't even see the road.

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          I recently recognized that I am Joyce, first, who has had TGA twice.  The way I feel today, is to be hopeful and to be fearless.  My life turned around the night I fell upon Richard Holl’s website  I’m sorry, but I don’t remember the year, possibly 2018. 
          Richard was the person that gave me strength, gave me commonality, and gave me peace.  In September 2023, I finally had the opportunity to meet Richard and Ethanie at the 1st TGA Meet & Greet World Tour.  They came to Ballston Spa, NY where I live. 
          Really, my heart was overwhelmed, as I know truly how much this family has gone through as all other families go through with a TGA diagnosis and then the future prognosis of living with the Fog of TGA as a patient and the fear their family members experience of it maybe happening again.

by Joyce Rossi

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